Project Status

June Progress

The second and third foundations were poured of the Boiler House – critical path activity. The rebar installation progressed on the turbine building foundation.

Piling progressed in the Silos Area of the site, where almost 4000 of the 4400 600mm x 18m deep Continuous Flight Auger piles have been cast – ahead of the planned schedule.

Trenching for the 275kV cables that will transfer power from the power station to the National Grid are substantially complete along the Tees Dock Road leading to the A66.

The Atlantic Project Company commenced mobilization of their site offices in June in readiness for mobilization of the workforce, planned later in July.

The site canteen facility became operational, which provides high quality meals for the workforce, which includes but is not limited to; parmo’s, foot long hot dogs, curries, chilies, bolognaise and a host of traditional English food known to popular on construction sites around the UK. 

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May Progress

The first foundation was poured in the first section of the Boiler House – critical path activity. The rebar installation progressed substantially on the second section of the same foundation.

Blinding concrete was poured in the Silos Area of the site.

2700 of 4400 600mm x 18m deep Continuous Flight Auger piles have been cast, all in line with the planned schedule.

Trenching for the 275kV cables that will transfer power from the power station to the National Grid commenced along Tees Dock Rd in May.

Atlantic Projects Company were awarded the Boiler Erection contract at the end of May. Hambleton Steel were appointed the Steelwork contract for the Turbine, Water Treatment building and piperack at the end of May.

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April 2017 Progress

The main civil contractor Graham Construction mobilised to site in April and poured the blinding concrete in the boiler area within days of commencement on site.

Piling activities progressed in the turbine and silos area.

All Site Temporary Construction facilities including fit out of canteen and furniture in offices was completed in readiness for MGT and TR management to relocate early May.

Trial excavations were carried out by O’Connor Utilities at various locations along the 5km cable route, in preparation for the cable excavations commencing in May.

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March 2017 Key Activities

March continued to be a busy month on site – piling activity for the boiler area was completed which allowed pile cropping activities to commence.

Piling works commenced in the Bag Filter, Turbine Pedestal and Silo areas. A total of three piling rigs and two pre-drilling rigs now mobilised to site.

The workforce canteen and changing facilities were completed.

The 275kV cable installation contract was finalised and placed with O’Connor Utilities Ltd.

Activities commenced in an area local to site that will be used as a constriction material laydown area.

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February 2017 Progress

The Continuous Flight Auger piling activities are now well underway, with works commencing in the critical path boiler area and pile pre-drilling commenced later in February.

Site levelling works progressed along with the implementation of site construction roads.

The workforce canteen and changing rooms progressed well along with the MGT and TR offices too. 

The contract for the 275kV cable installation negotiations were held.

The remainder of ground remediation activities were completed in February.

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January 2017 Progress

The piling contract was finalised with Bachy Soletanche.

The piling mats in the critical path boiler area were completed allowing the piling Contractor to mobilise and commence piling.

The construction period drainage ponds were completed to ensure the site would not flood during heavy period of rain.

Pre-excavation of the silos (wood pellet fuel storage) area commenced.

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December 2016 Progress

The canteen facility and drying room for the construction work force was completed in December along with the foundations for the MGT and TR Offcies.

Most of the remaining infrastructure from the previously occupied site have been removed along with remain waste grubbed material. The majority of the hydrocarbon contamination for remediation was completed.

A new car park was created for the increasing workforce and in readiness for the piling contract, due to placed in January.

Site levelling works, pre-excavations works and piling mats were executed in preparation for the piling works.

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November 2016 Progress

Remediation of the hydrocarbon contaminated ground commenced in November ensuring that no further hydrocarbon seepage into the water course. 

Installation of the Temporary Construction Facilities for MGT, TR and the workforce also commenced in November, including a canteen facility that will provide good standard hot food for the work force from June 2017 onwards.

November also saw the completion of the building demolition activities and further removal of redundant infrastructure. Crushing and screening plant was brought on site to allow the demolished building material to be used for backfill.

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October 2016 Progress

Demolition of the offices and workshops commenced in October 2016 along with the ground vegetation and shrubbery grubbing. The site datum point was established to allow levelling works to commence.

Removal of underground and redundant utility infrastructure commenced along with the breakout of redundant concrete slabs and foundations.

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September 2016 Progress

TR mobilised to site at the beginning of September to manage early works activities in their role as Principal Contractor under the 2015 Construction Design and Management Regulations.

The site boundary fences were erected demarking TR’s area of control and responsibility.

Contracts were placed for demolition, remediation and site levelling activities.

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August 2016 Progress

Tecnicas Reunidas (TR) signed the EPC Contract on 12th August. Pre-work prior to the signing of the contract allowed TR to mobilise activities on site. Dunelm commenced geotechnical survey of the site. By the end of August Tolent Construction were mobilised to commence with early site works.

The top photo below shows the derelict offices associated with the previous owners operations.

The bottom photos show the site with grubland vegetation which is concealing buried infrstructure and contaminated land from the previous hydrocarbon storage operations.

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